Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Psychology and New Technology Program Essay Example for Free

Psychology and New Technology Program Essay ABC Corporation has made a decision to purchase a new technology program for their employees. Because this technology program is new, employees ranging from age 17- 70 needs to be train. Training must be complete with six months. Before training is implement, four fundamental principles of adult education, including psychological, sociocultural, biological, and cognitive must be analyze. Because of the age range it would feasible to divide the employee into two groups. First group is Young learners (YL) age group 17-25 and the second group is Adult learners (AL) age group 26-71. The AL group will require multiple sessions because of the number of employee in this group. Before training begins, both groups must prepare for learning, therefore an open discussion regarding the new technology program, training plan process and how it will affect the employees will be discuss, this discussion will gain support and full participation from the employees. After analyzing both groups, the biological factor for the YL group will not have a strong impact. Most young learner between the ages of 17-25 is computer knowledgeable and is familiar with the 21st century social media and is open for change with new technology. YL group would benefit from Web-Based Training (WBT) instead of the traditional classroom forum. Many young leaners prefer a teaching method that would keep them engaged, and eager. WBT is the delivery method for the YL group. The adult learners (AL) ages 26-70 may not be a computer literate and would benefit from the traditional classroom approach. The AL group would require the adult educator to have patience, slow lecturing, plenty of hands on exercise, and frequent breaks. Hands on exercise are a memory factor that would benefit the AL group two months after been train. Most adults learners tend to forget what they have learned. Information that goes into adult leaner memory is memorize if the learner practices remembering the information soon after he or she learns it. Psychological factors deals with individuals’ way of thinking and learning. Separating the groups would allow the employees to learn and collaborate within their age group. Developing two groups will allow the learners to relate to each other, and feel comfortable learning. Training both groups together would be challenging for the adult educator as well as the employees. The possibility of redundant questions would slow down the class, which could result in less participation. Cognitive factor is the process of obtaining knowledge through experiences. The Adult learner (AL) is in charge of their own learning. They focus on what will advance their career and life circumstances. The Young learners (YL) rely on others to tell them what they should learn. Both groups learning environment has an impact on how well they comprehend the new technology program. The YL group would benefit from a self pace, web base training module or a stimulation module with active interaction of practical and theory scenarios. Each module will require an assessment and a passing score of 90% or higher to advance to the next module. This learning style would allow the YL group to continue to make use of 21st technology. The AL group would not benefit from web base training. Most adult learners are not comfortable learning new technology, in this case the employees does not have an option. The AL group who is not adaptive to change would find it challenging to learn a new technology program via a computer; this would be an internal factor that may take time to overcome. The job of the trainer is to make the learner apart of the learning process, by asking for volunteers, or asking experiences related questions. The AL groups are concern with why and how to apply this new technology. Sociocultural deals with how adults deal with individual learning and how learning takes place. Dividing employees into separate groups will be beneficial at the end of training. Both groups can relate to their own learning team. The YL group want experience classroom group interaction with their team. Web-based training (WBT) is similar to distance learning. There will be online discussion, and e-mail dialogue. The AL group will build possibly new relationships, interact more, discuss challenges, and success. In conclusion, in order for the ABC Company to be effective with the new technology program, the recommendation is to divide the employees into separate groups, and categorize them as Adult Learner (AL), Young Learners (YL). This approach would be beneficial from the adult learner perspective and applying the four fundamental principles, simplifies the training plan and the assurance that training will be complete successfully within six months. Afterward employees will be able to apply the new concepts, and best practices of the new technology program.

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