Thursday, March 12, 2020

Chills Bar and Grille Essay Example

Chills Bar and Grille Essay Example Chills Bar and Grille Essay Chills Bar and Grille Essay Chills Bar and Grille is a family dining restaurant specializing in southwestern recipes. Like many other restaurants Chills strive to provide the best customer service along with quality food and a Inviting atmosphere. What sets Chills apart from other chain restaurants Is their extensive on-boarding training and the family atmosphere wealth the company. With such a close knit staff, Chills employees are able to Integrate this quality Into providing the best customer experience for Its patrons. Strengths and Weaknesses are very important components when determining the strategy for a company. Luckily Chills is fortunate to have many strengths to compensate for their weaknesses. For example, one of Chills many strengths is their Brand portfolio. Chills operates under a parent company which is Bringers who also runs and operates On the Border Mexican Grill and Magicians Little Italy. (Salad, 2009). This strength is Important because with all three restaurants each is getting exposure through advertisement . Gift cards to the restaurants identify that the customer can use the card at any of the three restaurants mentioned, which heightens curiosity and the opportunity for new customers. Another notable strength Is the strong worldwide business. Today Brinier Is one of the largest casual addling restaurant companies In the world with more than 1,500 restaurants In 50 states and foreign countries. (Salad, 2009). However like other restaurants one of Chills weaknesses is inconsistent sales volumes. Restaurants usually follow a trend where sales volumes fluctuate seasonally and are generally higher in summer months and rower in the winter months. (Salad, 2009). Chills like many other organizations does have a strategy. However their strategy isnt one that is very extensive as other companies but is tailored to achieve the results that they set forth for the company. This strategy Is simply to stay relevant among chain restaurants through brand recognition and creativity . This is achieved by theme songs, the bright logo of the chill pepper, and specials and promotions tailored to the demographic area. Chills overall objectives can be seen In their Nilsson statement. The company loud like to achieve their goals of becoming a profitable well recognized company by, focusing on employees, expansion, and customer service. Employees are the backbone of customer orientated businesses. Brinier states Our teams and our guests represent a broad range of cultures , each bringing their own experiences, ideas, and insights to our table. (Brooks, 2012). This shows how patrons and employees collectively work together to move this company forward. One way to insure more profits is expansion. Bringers is always expanding, with currently 1500 assistants and 100,000 team members the company is destined to reach more guests to share this experience. Brooks, 2012). Last but not least customer service, Bringers and all participating restaurants could not have achieved the success theyve earned without excellent customer service. This objective Is also described In the Nilsson statement, At Brinier were about serving from our hearts, serving our communities, and serving the world a great taste of life through the power of As an employee I believe I fit into the implementation of Chills strategy because I exemplify the companys mission statement. I carry out the simple goals of providing excellent customer service which ultimately boost sales because guests are more likely to return. How I contribute to the companys business strategy may seem very small but its also the most important.

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