Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Anticipating Barriers to Implementation

Question: Give a brief explanation of what types of barriers that health care administrators might face during the implementation process of a marketing plan. Then, propose two strategies that health care administrators might use to best address the barriers identified, and explain why. Answer: Anticipating Barriers to Implementation In the given case, Marcus was provided a substantial budget that was later reduced by 25% for marketing. Marketing plan helps in defining marketing objectives of an organization. In the given case, effectively implemented marketing plans shall help in spreading awareness about youth anti-smoking, but several barriers were encountered by Marcus. Types of Barriers Resource Barriers- The greatest barrier to a marketing planning is lack of resources such as finance, time and money. The success of a marketing plan depends on the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. For example, shortage of people can affect distribution of flyers or brochures. Lack of funds may limit the reach or effectiveness of the campaign (Wood, 2012). Lack of efficient systems- The lack of appropriate systems may impede marketing plans. For example, the best marketing approach can only be determined if an effective market survey is conducted. The marketing team may not seek approval for each item of expenditure and timely implementation (Wood, 2012). Proposed Strategies Conduct high-quality market research- Thee market survey shall help in determining the behaviour of people. High-quality market research shall help in determining the target segments. Different campaigns can be designed for different target segments in the manner that shall be best perceived (Crouch Housden, 2012). Reallocation of Marketing Budget- The marketing media shall be selected in a manner that shall provide maximum reach with minimum cost. Since the youth are more attracted to social media, websites such as Facebook and Instagram can be used providing maximum reach (Crouch Housden, 2012). References Crouch, S. Housden, M. (2012).Marketing research for managers. Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann. Wood, M. (2012).Essential guide to marketing planning. Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

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