Thursday, November 21, 2019

Legal Immigrants and their Influence on United States of America Research Paper

Legal Immigrants and their Influence on United States of America - Research Paper Example Economy, Social Security, Culture and Education are four sectors which are being impacted positively by these immigrants. This essay would further provide the advantages of legal immigration to the United States of America. It would also provide with the arguments that the opponents propose in response to the positive impacts that these immigrants bring along with them. Impact on Economy Several studies have been conducted to find out the effect of legal immigrants on the economy of the United States. A report â€Å"Raising the floor for American Workers: The Economic Benefits of Comprehensive Immigration Reform† proposes that if the legal workers are allowed to enter the territory of United States then the GDP of the country can be increased by an estimated $1.5 trillion. The legal immigrants are helping to improve the economy of the United States from a rational perspective. Studies done in different states have showed that the immigrants have paid great amount of taxes to the government and this has improved the economy of the United States. The legal immigrants also work in departments of the United States where the natives do not want to work. These legal immigrants bring skills along with them and work in different sectors. These immigrants take over different jobs and help the economies of scale to build up so that the cost of the production is decrea sed. In other words these immigrants are bringing a positive influence on the whole economy of United States (Immigration Policy Center 2011). Impact on Social Security The impact of immigrants on the social security can only be analyzed if the roots of the system are understood. The Social Security System is a type of system which works to benefit the retirees. The system works on the money which is being received through the taxes paid by the workers. It is here that the role of immigrants comes into play. As the immigrants tend to take up jobs they form an enormous portion of the workforce and hence these immigrants help to pay for the taxes which add up to the social securities. The immigrants enter into the United States when they are the peak of their working years hence these immigrants cannot benefit from the Social Security System for at least three to four decades. However they start paying for the taxes as soon as they take up the jobs which mean that they are providing t he benefits to the retirees. The 2004 Trustees report puts forward that â€Å": â€Å"The cost rate decreases with increasing rates of net immigration because immigration occurs at relatively young ages, thereby increasing the numbers of covered workers earlier than the numbers of beneficiaries† (Trustees Report 2004). The United States of America consists of an ageing population who take benefits from the Social Security System. It is these immigrants who help to cater to the demands of the ageing population of America by providing the taxes to the social security (Fienleb & Warner 2005). Thus it can be said that immigration is greatly helping the social security funds and the ageing population of the United States. Impact on Culture Immigrants are also believed to benefit the culture of

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